A 5-Part Series with the goal of ushering you to wholeness


About the Series

Ever wondered why wealth does NOT equal happiness?

Answer: One can seem to have it all financially , but that wealth amounts to a proverbial hill of beans if  your health is bad, you have no deeply connecting relationships and spiritually you are completely devoid.

From a very strong belief in the importance in creating balance, the owner of Umbrella Financial Solutions LLC and visionary for this series began to create with YOU in mind. 

The goal of the series is to help YOU achieve transformation in the form of baseline to mastery in the areas of Fitness, Finance, Relationships and Spirituality.  We believe with wholeness in all these areas not much (if anything) is lacking in our lives.  We can then go on to be the creative geniuses we were born to be, live fully and operate in purpose.  

We have amazing experts on hand to bring mind-blowing content to transform your mindset and ultimately your ways of being in the areas of Fitness, Finance, Relationships and Spirituality allowing you to emerge wholly YOU!

What you will get:

Session 1 

An opportunity to meet the coaches up close and personal, and experience who they are and what they will teach during the series.  But this is no meet and greet.  This is more of an exhibit hall experience so come comfortable and ready to get involved in the action planned for the day.

Sessions 2, 3 and 4 

These are teaching sessions where you will learn from all coaches in all 4 subjects AND receive actionable steps, i.e. homework to ensure your transformation.  Also between sessions 2 and 3 there will be coaching calls to coach you to success in the subject matter.

Session 5 

The finale/culmination where we will highlight our most notable transformations throughout the series and hear from our world-renowned keynote speaker, Lisa Nichols!

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Announcing the Keynote Speaker for Total YOU Series 2019: Lisa Nichols

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Series Dates:

Session 1: Aug. 3, 2019    Session 2: Aug. 17, 2019

Session 3: Sep. 7, 2019   Session 4: Sep. 28, 2019

Session 5: Oct. 12, 2019

Los Angeles, CA Location TBA

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